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It is hereby informed to the General public that our venture/enterprise/company does not indulge in any kind of chit fund, investment scheme or any kind of financial investment. we does not charge any amount for subscription or enrollment or levy any fee registration/ joining charges for becoming a distributor or direct seller of the company.

It is hereby informed to be general public that our company is a direct selling as stated in object clause of memorandum of association of the company.

We are engaged in sales and marketing of herbal products directly to the users/consumers on MRP or at discounted price using mouth publicity/ display or demonstration of products. We conduct awareness program, conferences and seminars for promotion.

We hereby declare that there is no assurance or promise by the company or its distributors/direct sellers to any income on account of the product purchase. The direct seller distributor shall be eligible for sales incentives depending up to the volume of business done by him/her as per terms and conditions of the company and our company comply the guidelines issues by the Government of India in respect of direct selling with its true spirits and objects.

TOURNANT does not take any responsibility of any false commitment/representation made by any direct seller on behalf of the company.

The information contain in this website is for general information purpose only. Our website may contain links of other websites which are not under our control thus we do not take any responsibility regarding the content and information stated in the linked websites